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Contact Information[edit]

Name: Alisha Jain

E-mail Address:

IRC Handle: alisha


Github Account:

Location: Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Typical Working Hours:-GMT+5.30, Typical working hours will be 11AM to 2AM on working days and full time on weekends. I can devote 40 - 50 hours per week and more if required. My graduation will end by the mid of May. I will be completely free after that. My working hours for the internship will be flexible and subject to the requirements of the project.

About me[edit]

I am an undergraduate 4th year Computer Science student at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana. I have formidable learning in C++, PHP and MySQL. I have a strong affinity for Mathematics which keeps my inquisitiveness alive for learning more about numerical functions and their implementation through programming.

Heard about this program[edit]

I got to know about this program from the word of mouth from my friends who too were participants in GSOC 2014.

Experiences with FOSS projects[edit]

Experience with GNU products[edit]

As a user I have a quite good experience with GNU Bison and can use make, gcc and gdb.

Experience with other FOSS projects[edit]

As a user I have experienced many FOSS projects like Linux, OpenScad, Flex and Mediawiki and other Wiki software.

Previous projects[edit]

I have worked upon writing DXF files using C++. Below is the link to it:-

I have been also working on parser using Flex & Bison. You can check it here:-

Project Details[edit]

Interested project[edit]

Because of my affinity for mathematics, I have my keen interest in Generalised_eigenvalue_problem project and would like to explore myself in the field of matrices.

Introduction to Project[edit]

This project deals with the eig function in GNU Octave, which calculates the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix.


This project will implement missing calling forms of the eig function, which includes preliminary balancing, calculating left eigenvectors as a third ouput and choosing among the generalized eigenvalue algorithms.

Detail Project Timeline[edit]

Community bonding period

   Getting familiar with the code
   Interaction with mentors and the community members

1st week (25th May - 30th May)

   Designing the algorithm for calculation of left eigenvectors

2nd week (1st June - 7th June)

   Implementation of the algorithm

3rd week (8th June - 14th June)

   Implementation of calling form for calculating left eigenvectors as third output

4th week (15th June - 21th June)

   Studying Cholesky Factorisation algorithm and QR algorithm

5th week (22nd June - 28th June)

   Implementation of the calling form to choose among generalised algorithms

Mid-Term Evaluation

   Calling form of eig to calculate left eigenvectors as third output
   Calling form for choosing among generalised eigenvalue algorithms 

7th week (6th July - 12th July)

   Understanding the concept of balancing

8th week (13th July - 19th July)

   Implementation of algorithm for balancing option

9th week (20th July - 26th July)

   Implementation of calling form for preliminary balancing

10th week ( 27th July - 2nd August)

   Writing test cases for these calling forms of eig function

11th and 12th week(3rd August - 16th August)

  Documentation for the code
  Reviewing the code
  Final touches to the code

Other Commitments[edit]

Till mid of May, I would be having my final exams. But after that I would be completely free to devote all my time to GSoC. So I will be comfortably able to manage to fulfill my tasks within the specified time.

Objective of joining GNU[edit]

I have been using stupendous products of GNU organisation from the very starting point of my career in open source world. I have been a regular user of GNU Bison, gdb, gcc etc. GNU Octave being a project which touches my area of interest. So, it would be a great honor for me to be a part of such a cardinal community and ameliorate myself in the field of programming and mathematics.

Why me?[edit]

Because of my keen interest of contributing to the open source world and Octave being the most suitable community for me, I would like to put all sincere efforts to complete my project within the time period. I have joined mailing list and #octave channel on IRC a few days ago and feeling great to interact with the community members and also I have got worthy feedback from them. Also, I have a good experience with C++ and mathematics always being one of my favorites, I think I am suitable according to the requirements of the project.