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Detailed instruction of installing Octave-Forge packages is shown at [ Octave-Forge]
== Octave 4.2.0 on cygwin==
*'''Maintainer:''' Marco Atzeri
*'''Latest release:''' 2017-01-30
*Latest packages:
:Its announce on cygwin mailing list []
:octave-forge packages have each a cygwin package
:Its announce on cygwin mailing list []
: Full cygwin package list is available here []
: At today 2017-01-30, 64 forge packages are available.
*To install :
: run cygwin setup-x86.exe (for cygwin 32 bit) or setup-x86_64.exe (for cygwin 64 bit) and select them in the Math category.
: All the package dependencies will be also installed.
:Graphics is based on X and to plot you will need to start octave within xterm (or similar).
: I recommend to install "xinit", "xlaunch" and "gnuplot". These packages will pull all the functional Xserver.
: Otherwise the only graphics will be ASCII art ;-)
*When building from development source (default branch)
: "make check"
:passes almost all the tests. Only, and not substantial, failures are:
/pub/hg/octave/src/ : 8 failures due to different handling of complex Inf on sort
/pub/hg/octave/src/ 1 failure on fork. This disappears when octave is installed
/pub/hg/octave/scripts/sparse/svds.m: 1 failure due to test sensitivity on starting point. See</nowiki>
*To build from cygwin source package, you need to install "cygport" and the relevant development libraries
$ tar -xf octave-4.2.0-1-src.tar.xz
$ cygport octave.cygport almostall</nowiki>
:see cygport documentation for further info.
=Older version instructions=


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