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OctConf 2017

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=== Schedule ===
* We need to fill up the timetable. Not knowing how you organized the previous Octave conferences and not being Octave developers, we rely on you guys. From our side, I just reiterate what John Evans wrote on Nov 22,
[OPENING SESSION - for which we reserved the CERN Main Auditorium]
I have some comments regarding the session concerning the potential use of Octave at CERN. Would it be possible that this be made an open session? We have 4-500 MATLAB users so there is hope that it could be well attended.
I could try and find some user(s) at CERN using Octave for a "big" project that they'd be willing to present. Failing that, maybe an Octave expert could present Octave and its uses and future developments.
Would anybody be willing and brave enough to look at CERN-supplied MATLAB code and see if it could be done in Octave?
How many posters are there usually in the poster session?
Would it make sense to have this "how Octave can replace MATLAB (and other) tools" session followed by the poster session?
We could arrange refreshments to encourage people to hang around for possible follow-ups.
*regarding "social activities" :
** We can offer, as I mentioned, a visit to some interesting CERN sites. This can take from a few to several hours. It could be planned for Wednesday afternoon.
** For the evening of Monday, or of Tuesday, we thought we could have a "Fondue" dinner downtown Geneva. There are good and affordable Fondue restaurants that can be reached by tram within 30/40 minutes from CERN.
** During the daytime: CERN offers many areas where people can socialize and/or discuss, informally. For instance, the CERN main restaurant is open until 11pm.
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<th width="110">Time</th>
<th width="230">Monday<br/>(Octave Core Day)</th> <th width="230">Tuesday<br/>(Packages Day)</th> <th width="230">Wednesday<br/>(Open Source Day)</th>


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