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'''<span style="color:#FF0000;">This is work in progress.</span>'''
You can upload your code to Agora. The code is classified according the following criteria.
* Single file
:: The file is full responsibility of the uploader.
:: Octave and Agora do not check or support this submissions.
* Bundle of files
:: The file(s) is(are) full responsibility of the uploader.
:: The bundle passes a structure check to see if it is compatible with the builtin Octave installer. This doesn't mean the bundle with install flawlessly.
:: Octave and Agora do not check or support this submissions.
* Forge
:: The file(s) is(are) responsibility of its maintainer and the Agora maintainers community.
:: This package will install using the builtin Octave installer.
The Forge packages have must comply with
* At least one package maintainer.
* Must install and work with the latest Octave release.
* The must be released under a [ GPL compatible] license.
* All functions (except private ones) must be documented using [ Texinfo].
* The package must have all the [ required files].
* If the package has a doc folder it should be written in [ Texinfo].
These packages are also recommended to comply with
* No shadowing of Octave core functions.
* No direct inclusion of external dependencies.
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