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Image package

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=== Contributing ===
* It'd help to group the missing functions above, as per [] (similar to what was done in the [[signal package]] wiki page); please keep the original alphabetical list intact.
=== Open Bugs ===
* {{bug|38085}}: image package: fails to build with --enable-64 (entropyfilt)
* {{bug|38087}}: image package: graycomatrix incompatibilities with matlab
* {{bug|38345}}: image package: __spatial_filtering__() always returns class double
* {{bug|41674}}: image package: temporary arrays in imresize are doubles
* {{bug|41768}}: imdither() calls imwrite() in the wrong way (Package: image)
* {{bug|43218}}: image package: imshear causes more signal spread than expected and inconsistent vertical offset
* {{bug|44396}}: image package: bwmorph shrink does not preserve Euler numbe
* {{bug|44799}}: image package: imrotate chrashes when using 'spline' as interpolation method
* {{bug|44831}}: image package: imrotate - different dimensions of output matrix
* {{bug|45088}}: image package: rangefilt requires domain and image to have equa number of dimensions
* {{bug|45333}}: image package: grayhresh fails if input doesn't have different values
* {{bug|46745}}: image package: imresize default method (bicubic) Matlab incompatible for the border pixels
* {{bug|47115}}: label2rgb from image-package doesn't work for labels with value above the uint16 limit
* {{bug|48529}}: image package: compilation warnings under Mac OSX
* {{bug|48794}}: image package: imreconstruct should clip marker > mask
* {{bug|49613}}: image package - regionprops.m majoraxislength broken


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