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General information about building the Octave source for different operating systems.
* Linux
** [[Octave for Arch Linux|Arch Linux]]
** [[Octave for Debian systems|Debian (and Debian-based)]]
** [[Octave for RedHat Systems|RedHat (and RedHat-based)]]
** [[Octave for Slackware|Slackware]]
* [[Building for Macintosh platform|macOS]]
* [[Octave_for_Microsoft_Windows|Windows]]
** [[Building on Cygwin platform]]
** [[MXE]] cross compiler
We try to keep build instructions up to date in the source tree. Please clone using [[Mercurial]] or download it to see the README.
There are also instructions in the [ manual].
* [[Building for Linux systems]]
* [[Octave for Debian systems]]
* [[Octave for Arch Linux]]
* [[Building for Macintosh platform]]
* [[Building on Cygwin platform]]
* [[MXE]] build on Linux system

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