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Bug Fix List - 4.2.0 Release

1 byte removed, 13:46, 5 August 2016
* Owner: ??? {{bug|47676}} Cannot apply computed assignment to a variable defined after the code was parsed (e.g., in a script) -- workaround patch posted
* Owner: ??? {{bug|39000}} Can't override BLAS XERBLA handler on Windows
* Owner: ??? POSTPONED {{bug|42469}} GUI crashes on international character after autocompletion -- upstream scintilla bug. Can we work around it?
* Owner: ??? {{bug|44335}} Use consistent wording for "contribute" vs "donate" -- patch posted
* <strike> Owner: [[User:siko1056]] {{bug|46330}} segfault with matrices containing Inf & NaN -- patch posted </strike>

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