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At this point, I switched to using the bash shell present with octave.
=== Use MSYS2 on top of Octave's MSYS environment with help of msys2 toolchains === ==== Build boost_python ====When using the bash prompt from 'octave-cli.exe' we could not use the libboost-python that we used octave Msys environment with help of MSYS2. First thing we had to do to build boost-python from source. The steps I used to build boost are:
When using the bash prompt from 'octave-cli.exe' we could not use the libboost-python that we used with MSYS2, so we had to build boost from source using octave's msys tools.. The steps I used to build boost are:
# Open octave-cli.exe
# cd e:/boost_1_61_0
# ./b2 install --with-python --prefix=/e/boost_build
But I was getting some linking error (Tasuro's b2 command)# ./b2 install link=static,shared --with-python cflags='-IC:/Python27_32/include' cxxflags='-IC:/Python27_32/include' linkflags='-LC:/Python27_32/libs' \--prefix=/d/usr/Tatsu/program/Pytave/PytaveBuild/boost/mingw32/boost_1_16_inst | tee b2_static_shared.log (cflags, cxxflags, and linkflags are needed when python27 are not installed not to default directory. (default C:/Python27 )  At this moment building of boost-python with octave64 bit tool chain fails at final link stage. Tatsuro provided a Using 32 bit version octave 4.1.0+ for windows build of boost_python was successful.So far octave that he had built-4.1. After this, I had to use install 0+ 32 bit Python has been used.   ==== Build Pytave (Procedure and rebuild boostcurrent state) ==== # Open octave-cli.exe# cd (Pytave build directoy)# system bash# export PATH=$PATH:/c/msys64/usr/bin# ./configure (with CPPFLAGS LDFLAGS setting )# make 
There was an error in configure that PYTHON_EXTRA_LIBS was 'None' on windows and hence the configure failed. As per Mike's suggestion I set it to a valid gcc flag for the time being with ''export $PYTHON_EXTRA_LIBS=-g''
After this too the build failed with undefined references to few symbols. Tatsuro suggested to build boost with ''link=static,shared''. He had successfully built boost with it but I could not build boost with this option on my PC.


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