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=== Using Cygwin ===
At first I tried to build pytave using [ cygwinCygwin] which is provide functionality similar to a linux environment for windowsLinux distribution on Windows. I had used Cygwin previously, so I tried the build using Cygwin.
After installing ''apt-cyg'' in it, I downloaded many other packages like autotools, autoconf and others to make it suitable for the build. My octave was installed in ''e:/octave-4.0.0/''. When I ran ''configure'' of Pytave with ''./configure OCTAVE_CONFIG=e:/octave-4.0.0/bin/octave-config.exe'' then it showed that "octave development packages" were not found. Also tried to use Cygwin style with "/cygdrive/e/octave-4.0.0/bin/octave-config.exe" but the same error occurred.
So I installed "octave-devel" package using "apt-cyg". It took more than 3 hours and installed a lot of packages into cygwin. It also installed octave in ''/bin/octave'' of cygwin. Now, I tried using the ''octave-config'' file in ''/bin'' of Cygwin but I got the same error. I also tried using the octave-config in the octave installation directory on windows but the error persisted.
'''Comments(Tatsuro)''' : Pytave requires octave 4.1.0+ (development version) so that build of 4.1.0+ on Cygwin is the first thing to do.
=== Using Msys2 ===


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