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1d) The above works on at least one OS (probably GNU/Linux).
2a) PyTave converts various Python objects into appropriate Octave objects: extend this in some way . PyTave needs to be extended to improve return proper @pyobj when it cannot convert the way object. Also, symbolic must be able to convert such objects to @sym objects by calling proper python functions via PyTave (if they are returned from Pythonindeed @sym). That is, bypass the current generating of xml strings. This could be done in some non-optimal way initially, such as hardcoding specifics of @sym objects into PyTave.
2b) Improve the BIST test set coverage of both PyTave and Symbolic for any new features added.
3) Improve on 2a) with some TBD mechanism: perhaps a pure m-file callback feature in the PyTave export code.
4) The above works on both GNU/Linux and MS Windows.
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