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Summer of Code Project Ideas

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The goal is to implement a Matlab-compatible set of boolean operations and supporting function for acting on polygons. These include the standard set of potential operations such as union/OR, intersection/AND, difference/subtraction, and exclusiveor/XOR.
There is already an octave-forge package that implements a large part of this (the [ octclip package]); however that does not do XOR; processing polygons with holes could be done better; and maintainability is hampered because all code comments etc. are in Spanish. Other than that, octclip performs fine.
There are a variety of existing polygon libraries that implement much of the functionality and thus this would be incorporating the library into GNU Octave. The libraries with acceptable licenses are [ ClipperLib], [ Boost::Polygon], [ Boost::Geometry], or [ kbool]. This would include implementing the following functions: polybool, ispolycw, poly2ccw, poly2cw, poly2fv, polyjoin, and polysplit. A partial implementation with ClipperLib and GPC can be found [ here].


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