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* Why do you want to participate in the Google Summer of Code? What do you hope to gain by doing so?
Google Summer of Code is an excellent opportunity to contribute to large projects organizations and to make contribution to real world projects which are used in daily life by people belonging to various backgrounds.
** Please also describe your previous experience with the GSoC, if any. ''Includes any community-bonding, mentor experience or application, not necessarily accepted. We use this subquestion to identify which students are unfamiliar with how the program goes, providing further support. It has no negative impact on your rating!''
I don’t have any previous experience with GSOCGSoC. I am a newbie!! I heard about it through my college mates and read about it. I got interested in the program and so went forward in participating in it.
* Why are you choosing Octave?
I have chosen Octave because I have recently had the opportunity to implement and execute some methods of numerical methods in Octave and have worked in Matlab as well.
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