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Geometry package

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n = 1e6;
thrsd = 0.38;
while n>size (Ps,1)
n = size (Ps,1);
ds = sqrt (sumsq (Ps(1:end,:) - Ps([2:end 1],:),2));
Ps = Ps(ds>mean (ds)*(1-thrsd),:);
whos P Ps
<!-- </syntaxhighlight> -->
After this code finishes, the structure T contains our mesh. To plot the generated mesh we use the function {{Codeline|pdemesh}} from the {{Forge|fpl}} package. In general is a good idea to use the openGL render (called ''fltk'') to plot meshes.
{{Code|Plotting mesh with fpl package|<pre>
pkg load fpl
graphics_toolkit('fltk')pdemesh (T.p, T.e, T.t);view (2)axis tightaxis equal
The output should look something like this
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=== From piece-wise polynomial shapes to polygons ===


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