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Compiling from Building Octave can be as simple as downloading the source is probably and running the most effective way of installing Octave on following three commands in your system. To do this you will require compilers for the following languagesGNU/Linux shell:
* C ./configure* C++ (ISO) make* Fortran make install
The best supported compilers for the job are the [ GNU Compiler Collectionsoftware/octave/doc/interpreter/Installation.html#Installation More detailed instructions]. You will require at least GCC 4.3 or later, although GCC 4.4 or later is recommended. To compile Octave, you will also need a recent version of GNU Make. You must have GNU Make to compile octave. Octave's Makefiles use features of GNU Make that for building from source are not present included in other versions of make. GNU Make is very portable and easy to installthe Octave manual.

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