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=Distributed building=
The following seems to be out of date for my Ubuntu setup. My suggestion would be to look
at the latest info for distcc and follow the instructions from there. Make sure the different
machines have the same software. DAS
Install distcc on all machines taking part in the compilation. List them in <nowiki>~/.distcc/hosts</nowiki>:
The first machines listed are given higher priority -- place 'localhost' as you see fit.
Set the environment variables CCACHE_PREFIX, CXX and CC:
export CCACHE_PREFIX="distcc"
export CXX="ccache g++"
export CC="ccache gcc"
./configure <options>
Compile using the <nowiki>-j<simultaneous-jobs></nowiki> flag, two jobs per CPU available, i.e. for 5 machines
make -j10

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