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[ More detailed instructions]
for building from source are included in the Octave manual.
Before compiling you must first configure the build system by running the configure script.
The configure script will display information about missing packages or any other issues that arise during the configuration run.
Octave has many configure options. For a complete list, see
./configure --help
If you are building a personal version, you will want to install it into your home directory, or perhaps a subdirectory. Add the following to your configure line:
Be sure the $HOME/octave/bin is on your path, or symlink the binaries therein to $HOME/bin.
1. If you just type ./configure, you may get this error:
configure: WARNING: in order to build octave, you must have a compatible
configure: WARNING: Fortran compiler or f2c installed and in your path.
configure: error: See the file INSTALL for more information.
This means that you don't have a fortran compiler on your system. You can either install a fortran compiler or re-install gcc with its optional build-in fortran compiler g77. To do this you must download the g77 components of gcc before you build gcc. Alternatively there are various f2c programs you could install which convert fortran to C.
2. If you get this warning:
configure: WARNING: "FTGL headers not found. Native renderer will not have on-screen text"
configure: WARNING:
configure: WARNING: I didn't find the necessary libraries to compile native
configure: WARNING: graphics. It isn't necessary to have native graphics
configure: WARNING: but you will have to use gnuplot or you won't be able
configure: WARNING: to use any of Octave's plotting commands
It may help to call configure with CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/include/freetype2, please see [ Problems with FTGL building octave-3.1.51],[ Building ftgl backend with current tip]. Note that from [ changeset 8269] onward, this workaround should no longer be needed, please see [ No FTGL, says configure script?]

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