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Summer of Code Project Ideas

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→‎Numerical: Added interval package
'''Mentor''': Colin B. Macdonald
=== Interval package ===
The [[Interval_package|interval package]] provides several arithmetic functions with accurate and guaranteed error bounds. Its development started in the end of 2014 and there is some fundamental functionality left to be implemented. See the [ list of functions], basically any missing numeric Octave function could be implemented as an interval extension in the package. If the student has previous knowledge in interval analysis, it is also possible to implement such missing algorithms (as m-files) or improve the existing algorithms.
'''Required skills''': m-file scripting, basic knowledge of computer arithmetics (especially floating-point computations), interval analysis (depending on the functions to implement)
'''Difficulty''': medium
'''Mentor''': [[User:oheim|Oliver Heimlich]]
== Infrastructure ==


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