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== Problem Formulation ==
== Data Structure ==
{{Code|CIR file format |<syntaxhighlight lang="text" style="font-size:13px">
outstruct =
LCR: struct % the fields of LCR are shown below
NLC: struct % NLC has the same fields as LCR
namesn: matrix % numbers of vars that are assigned a name in and.nms
namess: cell % the names corresponding to the vars above
totextvar: scalar % the total number of external variables
totintvar: scalar % the total number of internal variables
outstruct.LCR =
1x2 struct array containing the fields: % array has one element per block
func % name of the sbn file corresponding to each block
section % string parameter to be passed to the sbn files
nextvar % number of external variables for each element of the block
vnmatrix % numbers of the external variables of each element
nintvar % number of internal variables for each element of the block
osintvar % number of the first internal variable
npar % number of parameters
nparnames% number of parameter names
nrows % number of rows in the block
parnames % list of parameter names
pvmatrix % list of parameter values for each element
== File Formats ==


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