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Notice that the number of internal variables of each element is not included in the IFF files. This is because elements with a number of internal variables that is huge, that depends on the value of some parameter, or even that changes in time (for example distributed elements treated with a FEM with adaptive meshing, a large linear sub- circuit that is reduce via MOR...) and therefore it is more convenient to compute the number of internal variables when initializing the system.
==== SBN files ====
SBN files are Octave functions, implemented as M-scripts or as DLD functions,
with the following signature
{{Code|Model evaluator file for simple MOSFET models |<syntaxhighlight lang="octave" style="font-size:13px">
function [a,b,c ,] =...
func (string , m(i ,:) , extvar , intvar , t)
i.e. it should get as inputs:
* the string entry of the "block_header"
* one row of the "pv_matrix" entry of the "block"
* the current values of all internal and external variables
* the current time
and it should produce as outputs three matrices:
* <math>a, b \in \mathbb{R}^{(n_extvar + n_intvar)×(n_extvar + n_intvar)}</math>
* <math>c \in \mathbb{R}^{(n_extvar + n_intvar)}</math>
where "n_intvar" is the number of internal variables that can be assembled in the complete system matrices.
=== SPICE netlists ===


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