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=== SPICE netlists ===
SPICE .spc netlists are parsed via the function "prs_spice", which currently supports the following set of "Element Cards"(after each "Element Card" the shown below with their instantiating syntax is described) *Capacitors: Cname n+ n- cvalue* Diodes: Cname anode knode modelname <parameters>* MOS: Mname gnode dnode snode bnode modelname <parameters>N.B.: one instance of a MOS element MUST be preceeded (anywhere in the file) by the declaration of the related model. For instance: .MODEL mynmos NMOS( k=1e-4 Vth=0.1 rd=1e6) M2 Vgate 0 Vdrain 0 mynmos * Resistors: Rname n+ n- rvalue* Voltage sources: Vname n+ n- <dcvalue> {{|<transvalue>** Transvalue specifies a transient voltage source SIN(VO VA FREQ TD THETA)*** where:**** VO (offset)**** VA (amplitude)**** FREQ (frequency)**** TD (delay)**** THETA (damping factor)*** The signal produced is**** for time 0 to TD: V0**** for time TD to TSTOP: VO + VA*exp(-(time-TD)*THETA)*sine(twopi*FREQ*(time+TD))Currently the damping factor has no effect.  Pulse PULSE(V1 V2 TD TR TF PW PER)  parameters meaning * V1 (initial value) * V2 (pulsed value) * TD (delay time) * TR (rise time) * TF (fall time) * PW (pulse width) * PER (period)  Currently rise and fall time are not implemented yet.  - .MODEL cards Defines a model for semiconductor devices  .MODEL MNAME TYPE(PNAME1=PVAL1 PNAME2=PVAL2 ... )  TYPE can be: * NMOS N-channel MOSFET model * PMOS P-channel MOSFET model * D diode model  The parameter "LEVEL" is currently assigned to the field "section" in the call of the element functions by the solver. Currently supported values for the parameter LEVEL for NMOS and PMOS are: * simple * lincap (see documentation of function Mdiode).  Currently supported values for the parameter LEVEL for D are: * simple (see documentation of functions Mnmosfet and Mpmosfet).}}
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