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My editor of choice is [[VIM|Vim]].
== Octave Project Ideas ==
I always have more ideas for projects I would like to work on than I have
time for. Please feel free to contact me about any of these ideas, borrow
them, work on them, copy them to the [[projects]] page, but let me know as
a courtesy and in case I have any other thoughts or partial work that
might be useful.
* Update the default oct-file template in edit.m to reflect current best practices and recommended coding style.
* Create a complete Vim environment with [[User:Rik]]'s syntax highlighting rules, indenting, if-end keyword matching, function block jumping, etc.
* Update pygments syntax highlighting for Octave if needed.
* Apply [[User:Oheim]]'s custom css for the interval package to the communications package manual, or to the Octave core manual.
* Make a static m-file format/style analyzer, a la pep8, that can help users teach themselves GNU Octave style conventions.
* Adapt Debian packaging to operate on a clean hg clone, add build-deps (bison, flex, gperf), build package from any hg revision
* Can this be used to run an automatic build of a "nightly" package on Launchpad?
* Should any of this be applied to the official Debian packaging?
== Octave Work ==


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