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Interval package

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== Similar software ==
For C++ there is an open source interval library [ libieeep1788] by Marco Nehmeier (member of IEEE P1788). It aims to be standard compliant with IEEE Std 1788-2015 and is designed in a modular way, supporting several interval data types and different flavors of interval arithmetic []. The GNU Octave interval package shares several unit tests with libieeep1788.
For C++, Pascal and Fortran Julia there is a free an evolving interval library [httphttps://www2.math.uni-wuppertalgithub.decom/~xscdpsanders/xsc-sprachenValidatedNumerics.jl ValidatedNumerics.html XSCjl]by Luis Benet and David P. Sanders. It is not compliant with planned to become conforming to IEEE Std 1788-2015. Some parts of (or to the GNU Octave interval package have been derived from C-XSC. For MATLAB there is a proprietary interval arithmetic toolbox [http://wwwbasic standard INTLAB] by Siegfried Rump. It had been free of charge for academic use 1) in the past, but no longer is. Its origin dates back to 1999, so it is well tested and comprises a lot of functionality, especially for vector / matrix operations. INTLAB is compatible with GNU Octave since Version 9 []future.


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