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=== Lyapunov Exponents ===
Here I will demonstrate how to use the function {{Codeline|lyap_k}}. It creates estimates the maximal Lyapunov Exponents for exponent from a time series (more information available from the TISEAN documentation located [ here]). In this tutorial we will create a estimate the maximal Lyapunov Exponent exponent for various embedding dimensions and then plot them.
{{Code|Creating Lyapunov exponents|<syntaxhighlight lang="octave" style="font-size:13px">
# Create time series
in = sin((1:2500).'./360) + cos((1:2500).'./180);
# Create Estimate Lyapunov exponents
mmax_val = 20
lyap_exp = lyap_k (in, 'mmin',2,'mmax',mmax_val,'d',6,'s',400,'t',500);


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