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==Octave on Cygwin==
=== Octave 34.80.2 0 on cygwin===
*'''Maintainer:''' Marco Atzeri
*'''Latest release:''' 20142015-0806-1721
*Latest packages:
:octave-34.80.20-1:Its announce on cygwin mailing list[]
:octave-forge is not anymore monolithic but splitted in the several packages have each a cygwin package:Its announce on cygwin mailing list[]: Full cygwin package ist list is available here[]: At today 20142015-0806-1721, 53 57 forge packages are available.
*To install :
:passes almost all the tests.
:Only, and not substantial, failures are:
<nowiki> /pub/hg/octave/src/ : 8 failures due to different handling of complex Inf on sort
/pub/hg/octave/src/ 1 failure on fork. This disappears when octave is installed
/pub/hg/octave/scripts/sparse/svds.m: 1 failure due to test sensitivity on starting point. See
*To build from cygwin source package, you need to install "cygport" and the relevant development libraries
<nowiki> $ tar -xvjf octave-34.80.20-1-src.tar.bz2
$ cygport octave.cygport almostall</nowiki>


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