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rewrite information 4.0.x install adding octave-forge install and correct 3.8.2 information
The easiest way to install GNU Octave on Microsoft Windows is using [ MXE] builds. For the current 4.0.x release installers can be found [ here].
Pre-build octave-forge packages are not prepared from octave-3.8 or later for windows. You can install some octave-forge packages installedusing archived sources and build script. However, small flaws exist in current octave-4.0.0_0 distribution. Before install, correct version number of general and signal packages version to 2.0.0 and 1.3.2 , respectively and comment out install io package as"#try_install io-2.2.7.tar.gz" in C:\octave\octave-4.0.0\src\build_packages.m". Then execute
>> cd C:\octave\octave-4.0.0\src
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