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Interval package

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The interval package's main goal is to be compliant with IEEE 1788, so it is compatible with other standard-conforming implementations (on the set of operations described by the standard document).
=== Octave Forge simp package ===
In 2008/2009 there was a Single Interval Mathematics Package (SIMP) for Octave, which has eventually become unmaintained at Octave Forge.
The simp package contains very few, simple arithmetic operations, supports only scalar intervals and does not consider errors introduced by inaccurate built-in arithmetic functions, conversion and representational errors.
It is recommended to use the interval package as a replacement for simp. However, function names and interval constructors are not compatible between the packages.
=== INTLAB ===
This interval package is ''not'' meant to be a replacement for INTLAB and any compatibility with it is pure coincidence. Since both are compatible with GNU Octave, they happen to agree on many function names and programs written for INTLAB may possibly run with this interval package as well. Some fundamental differences that I am currently aware of:
* INTLAB is non-free software, it grants none of the [ four essential freedoms] of free software


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