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TISEAN package

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dim_hen_noisy, frac_hen_noisy, '-gx', 'markersize', 15);
The {{Codeline|dim_*}} variables hold the dimension so here 1:5, and {{Codeline|frac_*}} contain the fraction of false nearest neighbors. From this chart we can conclude obtain the sufficient embedding dimension for each system. For a Henon Map {{Codeline|m &#61; 2}} is sufficient, but for an Ikeda map it is better to use {{Codeline|m &#61; 3}}. 
=== Nonlinear Prediction ===
In this section we will demonstrate some functions from the 'Nonlinear Prediction' chapter of the TISEAN documentation (located [ here]). For now this section will only demonstrate functions that are connected to the [ Simple Nonlinear Prediction] section. <br/>


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