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Octave for GNU/Linux

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=Debian and Debian-based (such as Ubuntu)=
: ''Main article: [[Octave for Debian systems]]''
Simply install Octave from your distribution repository:
: ''Main article: [[Octave for Red Hat Linux systems]]''
The packages can be installed using the yum command, they are:
Octave is available through Gentoo's package management system, Portage:
=Red Hat Enterprise/CentOS=
: ''Main article: [[Octave for Red Hat Linux systems]]''
Octave is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux distributions through the [ EPEL] repository. This section applies to CentOS, Scientific Linux, and other Red Hat Enterprise rebuild distributions as well.
=Red Hat=
: ''Main article: [[Octave for Red Hat Linux systems]]''
GNU Octave is included with Red Hat. If you are still using an old version of Red Hat and want a newer version of GNU Octave, your best options are to consider updating your distribution to a recent Fedora release or compile octave from source.
=SUSE Linux and openSUSE=
: ''Main article: [[Octave for openSUSE]]''
Binary packages for Octave are provided by all versions of openSUSE. It can be installed by command:
=Arch Linux=
: ''Main article: [[Octave for Arch Linux]]''
Updated Octave's version is in the extra repository. It can be installed by typing:


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