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In case of trouble, see the [ Homebrew Troubleshooting Guide], which assists in diagnosing problems and craft useful bug reports. The [ post by Jatin Ganhotra] may also be helpful. Bugs may be reported at [ Homebrew-science's issue tracker].
====Using Aquaterm with Gnuplot====
When using {{Codeline|gnuplot}} as the graphics toolkit, if the {{Codeline|aqua}} terminal is not supported by {{Codeline|gnuplot}}, follow the steps below to resolve the problem.
*Uninstall {{Codeline|gnuplot}}
<pre>brew uninstall gnuplot</pre>
*Install [ Aquaterm]
*Install {{Codeline|gnuplot}}
<pre>brew install gnuplot</pre>
==Create a launcher app with AppleScript==


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