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Interval package

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→‎Error handling: Removed warning “FixedDecoration”, since the behaviour is described by the standard document
|style="vertical-align:top" | An interval operation has been evaluated on both, a bare and a decorated interval. The bare interval has been converted into a decorated interval in order to produce a decorated result. Note: This warning does not occur if a bare interval literal string gets promoted into a decorated interval, e. g., <code>infsupdec (1, 2) + "[3, 4]"</code> does not produce this warning whereas <code>infsupdec (1, 2) + infsup (3, 4)</code> does. A bare interval can be explicitly promoted with the newdec [] function.
|style="vertical-align:top" | The implicit conversion applies the best possible decoration for the bare interval. If the bare interval has been produced from an interval arithmetic computation, this branch of computation is not covered by the decoration information and the final decoration could be considered wrong. For example, <code>infsupdec (1, 2) + infsup (0, 1) ^ 0</code> would ignore that 0<sup>0</sup> is undefined.
| interval:FixedDecoration
|style="vertical-align:top" | During interval construction the desired decoration of the interval has been changed. An unbound interval cannot carry the ''common'' decoration. An empty interval must carry the ''trivial'' decoration.
|style="vertical-align:top" | The interval's decoration is degraded as necessary. The input for the interval constructor could be considered illegal, e. g. [0, Inf]_com is no valid decorated interval literal.
| interval:NaI


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