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*<strike>Per the following discussion, allow bsxfun style singleton dimension expansion as the default behavior for the builtin element-wise operators:</strike> This is done. <strike>Now [[User:JordiGH|I]] just have to document it.</strike> This is done too!
* Start the development of classdef (already underway)
== Improve JIT compiling ==
== Implement classdef classes ==
Matlab has two kinds of classes: old style @classes and new style classdef. Octave has only fully implemented the old style. There is partial support for new classdef classes in version 4.0, refer to the [[|classdef our classdef branchstatus page]]for what is not yet implemented. There is irregular work here, and classdef is [ a very] [ complicated] [ thing] to fully implement. A successful project would be to implement enough of classdef for most basic usages. Familiarity with Matlab's current classdef support would be a huge plus. Michael Goffioul and jwe can mentor this.
Although there's already a substantial classdef support in current octave code base, there are still many areas that are unimplemented or need improvements. The main ones that come to my mind are:


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