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I'm Oliver Heimlich, you can contact me at [].

== About me ==
In 2011 I have graduated in computer science (minor: mathematics) at the University of Würzburg, Germany. For some years I have worked as an analyst and programmer for a consulting company specialized on software governance. Today I am a lead developer at a software producer for the German finance sector.

My hobbies are aquaristics, cycling and free software.

== My contribution to GNU Octave ==
After my exit from academia, I could no longer legally use my educational license of MATLAB and its toolboxes, which had I used for research [] []. I continued working on my thesis' topic [] and—as a hobby—put up a website showing off some functions from my thesis []. At first I experimented with integrating my MATLAB based functions via a webservice for the computational work, but since this was illegal, I had to reimplement my functions and some required interval arithmetic routines in PHP from scratch (yes, I really did this).

In 2014, since I was still subscribed to the IEEE interval standard working group [], I noticed that the standard document was nearly finished and conforming implementations were still to be done. Also I noticed a request by the FSF for supporting GNU Octave as a high priority project with free replacements of MATLAB toolboxes []. I followed their call and created the [[Interval_package|interval package]], which soon became the first complete implementation of the preliminary standard IEEE 1788 (finally, my previous PHP exercise payed out).


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