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The recent GNU Octave [[Interval_package|interval package]] provides several arithmetic functions with accurate and guaranteed error bounds. Its development started in the end of 2014 and there is some fundamental functionality left to be implemented:
# Currently, everything is console/text only and the @infsup class needs functions for plotting intervals in graphs as lines, rectangles or boxes. For examples of how the result may look like, see images [] and [].
# The functions <code>fsolvepolyval</code>, <code>polyvalfsolve</code>, and possibly <code>roots</code> shall be implemented for intervals (as m-files). Algorithms can be migrated from the C-XSC Toolbox (C++ code) from [] (see nlinsysrpeval.cpp, rpevalnlinsys.cpp, and cpzero.cpp respectively). All required arithmetic operations required by these algorithms already exist in the package.The second tasks requires knowledge of basic interval arithmetic concepts. If that would be a problem, the first task can be extended at will.
'''Required skills''': m-file scripting, basic knowledge of computer arithmetics (especially floating-point computations)
'''Difficulty''': easy/medium
'''Mentor''': Oliver Heimlich


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