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Bug Fix List - 4.0 Release

29 bytes added, 12:26, 21 February 2015
* Owner: ??? {{bug|41027}} config.h is too generic
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|40273}} 'sed' is used even if a different value for 'SED' is specified during configure </strike>
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: mtm {{bug|40252}} Make GUI compatible with both Qt4 and Qt5</strike>
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|40111}} Support runtime selection of Java version on Linux and Unix systems </strike>
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|39446}} MXE-Octave: LAPACK build mixes MinGW and MSVC </strike>


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