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Bug Fix List - 4.0 Release

87 bytes added, 10:04, 18 February 2015
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* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|43941}} Crashes immediately on startup </strike>
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|43740}} GUI + FLTK + MacOSX -> Crash / Signal 11 </strike>
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|42850}} Reshape on sparse matrix leads to segfault</strike>
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|42429}} @ftp/dir crashes Octave </strike>
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|42424}} crash when "find" on sparse matrices is given at least 6 return-values</strike>
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|42118}} COW memory issues when extracting small slices from large arrays </strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|42017}} Plot command fails after exiting gnuplot </strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|40924}} MSVC Octave crashes inverting complex matrix with OpenBLAS </strike>
* <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|40608}} MinGW: crashes with JIT </strike>
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|40362}} chi2cdf/gamcdf/gammainc bug</strike>
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|40121}} Using dbquit from within a callback causes a segfault </strike>
* WON'T FIX <strike> Owner: ??? {{bug|40044}} *** glibc detected *** gnuplot: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x08d72878 *** </strike>


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