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IO package

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An easier way is to collect all required Java class libs fo spreadsheet I/O (the .jar files) in one subdir and have chk_spreadsheet_support .m sort it all out:
octave:8> chk_spreadsheet_support ('/full/path/to/subdir/with/.jar/files')
For UNO (LibreOffice-behind-the-scenes) the call is a bit different:
octave:8> chk_spreadsheet_support ('', 0, '/full/path/to/LibreOffice/installation')
On Windows, the io package tries to automatically find all required Java class libs and LibreOffice. To help it, put the Java class libs in you user profile (home directory) in a subdir "java", e.g., C:\Users\Eddy\java. chk_spreadsheet_support searches that location automagically.
The chk_spreadsheet_support output should be now > 0.


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