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Plot comparison

313 bytes added, 02:51, 4 July 2014
→‎needs some work: add big space between colorbar and plot
* [ gnuplot] + [ fltk] colorbar_23_1: xtick unreadable. It should check the text_extent and reduce xticks if the xlabels would overlap.
* [ gnuplot] + [ fltk] colorbar* : This is just a matter of taste but I would prefer a smaller gap (only 40% of the current implementation?) between colorbar and the plot like ml does.
* gnuplot + ftlk: fill_01_1, fill_02_1: hidden edges keep visible in ML, not with fltk or gnuplot. This seems to be a ML bug when printing to PNG or JPEG and works (same output like gnuplot+fltk) when printing to ps. In FLTK the on-screen images shows the hidden edge and becomes invisible when printing.


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