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First, install Homebrew:
*Install XCode via the Mac App Store.
** Once installedFor Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) install the command line tools by {{Codeline|xcode-select --install}}.** For earlier versions of Mac OS, install the Command Line Tools command line tools from XCode's Apple Menu > Preferences > Downloads.
*Follow [ Homebrew's installation instructions].
* If running Mountain Lion (Mac OS 10.8) or later, install [ XQuartz].
* Import the scientific computing packages, including Octave:
<pre>brew tap homebrew/science</pre>
to your octaverc file, normally located at {{Codeline|/usr/local/share/octave/site/m/startup}}.
In case of trouble, see the [ Homebrew Troubleshooting Guide], which assists in diagnosing problems and craft useful bug reports. The [ post by Jatin Ganhotra] may also be helpful. Bugs may be reported at [ Homebrew-science's issue tracker].
==Create a launcher app with AppleScript==


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