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=International Characters Set SupportANSI=
The first widely character set was the 7-bits ANSI, with values ranging from 0 to 127. Being developped for English, it uses latin character set, but without accents and other punctuation signs.
The following list contains articles that In the '80s, extensions were provided by using 8-bits character tables, whose characters 128 to 255 where used GNU Octaveto encode the missing values. Older articles But there were so many that those 128 values were collected automatically not enough. So a number of maps where defined. For instance, ISO-8859-1 for Western Europeans Languages, with letter for french: é, Nordic languages: Ø, a few symbols: ½, and they might so on.appear Typical computer support consisted in early loading the list only because they cite the [http://wwwadequate character map, then glyphs were rendered GNU Octave Manual], we are checking these publications manually, those that have been checked and confirmed are marked with "!"those marked The first issue with a "?" could not be checked due to access restrictionsthis approach is about convertion.


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