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** I would like to implement the functions for Coordinate systems, Geodesy and Projections for Mapping Package in Octave Forge. The list of missing functions in the mapping package are grouped here []. The details of the functions that I have proposed to implement are present in the detailed schedule below. I have already contributed the 3D coordinate systems functions to this end[].
* '''Timeline:'''
** '''Detailed Schedule:''' []
**Week 0 (May 19 to May 26): Complete the implementation, tests and documentation for 3D Coordinate systems functions.
**Week 1 to Week 4 (May 27 to June 25): Complete the implementation, testing and documentation of missing functions in Modelling the Earth group in Week 1 and Week 2 and also the selected missing functions in Geographic Coordinate Systems group in Week 3 and Week 4. Submit the following functions for mid term evaluation.1. Modelling the Earth functions ,2. Selected functions in Geographic Coordinate systems ,3. 3D Coordinate system
**Week 11 to Week 12 (August 6 to August 18): This is a buffer time of two weeks to accommodate for any unpredictable delay. Refine tests and documentation for whole project. Code clean up and finalization. End of GSOC.
**After GSOC: Maintenance and further development of Mapping Package in Octave Forge.
* '''Detailed Schedule:''' []
I have planned for a 40 hour work schedule every week.
I will be unavailable for 4 days during the entire GSOC period due to personal commitments.


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