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== Y: Task ==
I chose the task of making a GUI tool for controller tuning in systems, I want to focus on having the basic functionality of adding poles to the compensator and making dragging of these poles possible from the rlocus plot itself, as well as moving the closed loop poles along the root locus line, and have the gain of the controller updated automatically in a way similar to rltool in Matlab.
Rough timeline:
*Defining and implementing the interface to drag poles and update the plots for rlocus, step response and bode plots. (deciding how every window will appear, menu items or buttons, and making the plots update automatically when a change in the position of poles happens).
*Adding new poles to the rlocus plot by clicking on the figure with the mouse and making the related plots update automatically.
*Making possible to set numerically the values for the controller and display the related transfer function.
If I have enough time I would like to
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