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== Y: Your task ==
* I have selected the following task from GSoC projects page[].
** I would like to contribute to the mapping package, specifically complete the implementations of functions missing in Coordinatesfor Coordinate systems, Geodesy, and Projections and Standard I/Ofor Mapping Package in Octave Forge. The list of missing functions in the map toolbox for Matlab mapping package are listed grouped by me here[http]. I have already contributed the 3D coordinate functions to this packageend[].
* '''Rough time estimates:'''
* For Mapping Package:** '''Detailed Schedule:''' []
** Week 0 (May 19 to May 26): Familiarizing with Octave code. Complete the tests for 3D Coordinate system functions that I have already implemented.
** Week 1 to Week 4 (June 3 to June 25): Complete the implementation of missing functions that are selected in week 0 from for Modelling the Earth[http://wwwand also the missing functions in lengths and units.mathworksComplete the tests and submit the-earthEarth functions, 2.html] and Lengths and angles [http://wwwunits,]. Submit the almost complete 3D Coordinate systems and Geodesy system functions package for mid term evaluation. ** Week 5 to Week 7 (June 26 to July 14): Complete Map Display functions by using Mapnik [] to render the maps. Complete implementation and testing of the missing functions in Great Circles Geodesics and Rhumb lines in week 5, Missing functions in Small Circles, Ellipses and Spheres in week 6 and Zones, lunes, Quadrangles and other area functions by in Week 7. ** Week 8 to Week 11 9 (July 15 to August 9July 29): Complete Standard I/O functions from the open source implementations present in the detailed schedule. Complete implementation and testing of the missing functions by Week 11)in Coordinate systems. ** Week 11 to By Week 12 (August 10 to By August 18): Fixing bugs, code clean up and Making the entire code Matlab compatible. Write remaining tests and Documentation. Code clean up and finalization. End of GSOC. ** After GSOC: Maintenance and further development of Mapping Package in Octave Forge. A Buffer of two weeks has been kept for any unpredictable delay.
I have planned a 25 to 30 hour work schedule for every week.
I will be unavailable for 4 days during the entire GSoC period due to personal commitments.


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