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=== Pre-compiled binaries Octave packages ===
Binary Octave binary packages for Octave are provided by from OSS repository of all actual openSUSE versions of openSUSE. These are Octave can be installed with the most well-tested binaries available and should work best for most of YaST or zypper command
zypper in octave
If you want to use install latest stable version of Octave and Octave Forge packages, you can use Science repository.
zypper ar addrepo<openSUSE version>/ Science zypper refrefresh zypper in install --from Science octave
There <openSUSE verion> is your version of openSUSE, for example {{codeline|openSUSE_13.1}}
=== Octave Forge packages ===
Octave-Forge binary packages are provided by from Science repository. You can list all available packages by command
zypper se octave-forge


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