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octave forge
=== Pre-compiled binaries ===
Binary packages for Octave are provided by all versions of openSUSE. These are the most well-tested binaries available and should work best for most users.
There <openSUSE verion> is your version of openSUSE, for example {{codeline|openSUSE_13.1}}
=== Octave Forge === Octave-Forge binary packages are provided by Science repository. You can list all available packages by command  zypper se octave-forge ===Linear algebra libraries===
openSUSE uses reference BLAS and LAPACK implementations by default, but ATLAS is usually much faster. You can switch it by update-alternatives mechanism:
3 /usr/lib64/ 50 manual mode
===Image export and import===
GraphicsMagick++ library from openSUSE repositories was compiled with quantum depth 16 which limits reading and writing images to 16 bit. See more details on [[GraphicsMagick]] wiki page.


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