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* I do not have any experience on working with open source projects or free projects. I hope to change that in the coming few days.
* The biggest project I have worked on is on my internship with ECIL, Hyderabad. I have written C code for processing the data from E1 data converter chips in an embedded system that operated a multichannel radio. The device was called E1-Radio Interconnect. I was a part of team of 3 members which developed the program for data management in a FPGA which handled the routing of radio channels. The code which I wrote was 320 lines long and it managed the RCMS PCM radio stream coming from E1 data converter chip in the device. The RCMS channel is used to trigger alarms or switches remotely.
* I have not yet contributed to the 3D coordinate system functions for Geodesy in mapping toolbox for Octave development, but I look forward to do that in the coming few days. []
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