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=== Why is your organization applying to participate in Google Summer of Code? What do you hope to gain by participating? ===
Octave has participated during the last three years under the auspices as part of the GNU project. Due to the success of those experiences, where many
members of the Octave community helped mentor the students, we are trying again to enter GSoC as a participating organization.
We hope to get good code from interested students and ideally establish collaborations with talented new continuing collaborationscontributors. We also want to raise awareness of
Octave in the free software community.
Google Summer of Code represents a unique opportunity to improve both core bring new perspectives to the Octave community. As a somewhat older project, we benefit from having new and domain-specific functionalityyounger contributors among our developers. We believe Our past record of retaining GSoC participants as contributors to the interaction with fresh minds will bring not only new code to Octave project is mixed but also will augment we hope to improve in the developers groupfuture by engaging more effectively with students during both the application and mentoring processes, setting clear standards for what is required for acceptance, and maintaining those standards throughout the project.
=== Did your organization participate in past Google Summer of Codes? If so, please summarize your involvement and the successes and challenges of your participation. ===

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