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According to the discussions on the mailing list (, a rough roadmap has been sketched for the future development.Please use
# Work for the next few days on the stable branch until a release is ready, in whatever state it is in within the next few days. The outstanding big bugs are in the GUI, and we've agreed that we'll just release with those bugs and the warnings that jwe has put in.# Create a new gui-release branch based off current default# Merge classdef into default. Close classdef branch.# New experimental features and development go into the default branch. This will either be a 4.2 or 5.x release.# Merging order goes like this: stable -> gui-release -> default# After the 3.8 release, we work hard on the gui-release branch and release 4.0 from gui-release. Final merge of gui-release into default and close gui-release. Hopefully we can do this within a few months, say, no more than 4.# Try to focus all efforts on gui-release to the extent that a 3.8.1 release won't even be necessary, but as usual, critical bugs in the 3.8 release get patched on stable and forward-merged into release-gui and fault, just in case we really do need to do 3.8.1 <strike></strike>
The rules for what goes on each branch are roughlyto mark items as done.
# <p> Critical non-GUI fixes found in the stable release go on stable and get forward-merged into release-gui and default. We know the GUI is full of bugs, which is the point of the release-gui branch, so all GUI fixes go into gui-release. Fixes that break API go into default. </p> <p> But note that since we are not installing any of the headers from the libgui directory, there are few (if any) changes that we could make to the GUI that could considered to break the API. So pretty much any change to the GUI is allowed as long as it only touches files in the libgui directory. But of course we are expecting that changes to the GUI improve stability and remove bugs, not the opposite, so let's not go too wild with redesigning and refactoring. We can think about those things after 4.0.</p># Everything else is shades of grey, but I recommend for starters: fixes that change non-GUI behaviour or API go into default. Simple fixes can go into gui-release, more complex changes into default. The shades of grey are deciding what "simple" and "complex" mean, but we can judge these on a case-by-case basis.== Kickoff ==
WHEN IN DOUBT=== Update gnulib to latest version ===:Completion Date::Must occur first as it could resolve existing, ASK FOR ADVICE!or create new, bug reports. You should run <code>./bootstrap</code> in the source tree after updating to the new gnulib version.
=== Call for bug reports ===:Completion Date:* Put out a general call for reports on and for all outstanding unreported known bugs. === Review submitted patches on Savannah ===:Completion Date:* Submitted patches from '''bug tracker''' included.* Submitted patches from '''patch tracker''' included. === Review open bugs on Savannah ===:Completion Date:* Review bugs and update to correct category, such as "Patch submitted", correct title if necessary.* Add "must-fix" items to [[6.1 Release Bug Fix List]]. == One time tasks == === GPL License activities ===:Completion Date:* Update copyright statements for all source controlled files.* Update dates in any other locations (launch message, citation, MXE files, etc.).* Add any new contributors to {{Path|doc/interpreter/}} who wish to be mentioned (don't add them without permission). === Style-check code base ===:Completion Date:: This will produce lots of whitespace changes, but no behavior changes. '''Must occur after patches have been added''', since whitespace changes can prevent patches from applying.* m-file style check* C++ style check === Review documentation ===:Completion Date:* Grammar check documentation.* Spell check documentation.* Verify no functions missing from manual.* Verify deprecated functions removed from "see also" links.* Verify all formats (Info, HTML, PDF) build correctly.* Review {{Path|NEWS}} for any features which should be announced.* Update major version number in "@subtitle Edition XXX" in {{Path|octave.texi}}. === Call for translations ===:Completion Date:* Update language translation files (*.ts).* Create issue report on Savannah as a centralized location for uploading files.* Call for translations for GUI strings on == Repeat until all bugs are resolved ==:Completion Date first iteration: === Merge submitted patches ===* Push translations provided by translators.* Push reviewed patches from Savannah. === <code>make check</code> ===* Verify <code>make check</code> is passing on all [ buildbot combinations of OS and compilers].* Compiling with <code>-fsanitize=undefined</code>, <code>--enable-address-sanitizer-flags</code> to check for memory leaks. Use other tools <code>cppcheck</code>, etc. ** Update PVS static analyzer results [[PVS static analyzer - 5.0 Release]].* Start discussion on about which failing tests that must be fixed and which can be declared '''WON'T FIX'''. === Create new release candidate ===* Ensure correct [[#Versioning hints|version information]].* Create hg tag in repository with release candidate version number.* Verify <code>make distcheck</code> passes.* Verify <code>make dist</code> works.* Create [[Windows Installer]].* Upload release candidates.* Add release candidate version to Savannah bug tracker.* Announce release candidate to, mailing-list, on web page. == Final Release == === Update version information ===:Completion Date:* Ensure correct [[#Versioning hints|version information]].* Create hg tag in repository with release version number.* Update {{Path|NEWS}} (final release date).* Update {{Path|CITATION}} (version, year, URL).* Update {{Path|org.octave.Octave.appdata.xml}} (version number and release date).* Update Savannah bug tracker version info.* Remove release candidate versions from Savannah. === Announce final release ===:Completion Date:* Octave mailing-lists* Octave web site* This wiki == Post-Release ==:Completion Date:* Merge default onto stable to become the current stable release.* Ensure correct [[#Versioning hints|version information]].* Remove all deprecated functions (either <code>OCTAVE_DEPRECATED</code> in C++ or scripts/deprecated for m-files) scheduled for deletion in "default" branch.* Move {{Path|NEWS}} file to backup in {{Path|etc/NEWS.X}}.* Create new {{Path|NEWS}} file. == Versioning hints == {{Note|Read [ <code>etc/</code>] carefully!!}} * Update {{Path|}}:** <code>AC_INIT</code>** <code>OCTAVE_API_VERSION</code>** <code>OCTAVE_MAJOR/MINOR/PATCH_VERSION</code>** <code>OCTAVE_RELEASE_DATE</code>* Update libtool versioning:** {{Path|liboctave/}} <code>%canon_reldir%_%canon_reldir%_current</code>** {{Path|libinterp/}} <code>%canon_reldir%_liboctinterp_current</code>** {{Path|libgui/}} <code>%canon_reldir%_liboctgui_current</code> [[Category:DevelopmentReleases]]

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