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→‎Questions: minor updates to clarify current implementation as answers
*Octave (and Matlab) stores images (y,x) and DICOM is intrinsically (x,y). Does Matlab transpose images when it loads them?
**matlab reads the data from the dicom file as if it's a raw block of numbers (and then converts if necessary). Therefore, We think that current Octave/dicom behaviour is compatible with matlab.
*I would like people to try m-files that worked with Matlab to let me know of problems.
*(not necessarily) Matlab related: I need examples of odd DICOM files. I have plenty with complex metadata, but I need some with unusual images.
**silently convert the metadata to match the pixel type?
**error and do nothing?
*What does dicominfo do when a tag is not in its dictionary. Answer: skip it or give error? I was wondering about turning the tag into assign to a variable name, something field like Tag_3243_0010. Private_3243_0010 (as Matlab 6.5 (2002): Private__3243_0010)*dicominfo: Items in sequences are not necessarily the same, so cannot be are stored in arrays of structs. (Matlab 6.5 (2002): makes as nested structs like dcm.RTDoseROISequence?.Item_1.DoseUnits?(as Matlab)


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