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Mark bug squashed
== Bugs marked as regressions ==
* <strike> Owner:rik ??? {{bug|39925}} imagesc crash Plotting with OpenGL </strike>
* <strike> Owner:??? {{bug|39524}} m-file profiler returning inaccurate first line </strike>
* Owner:??? {{bug|38236}} invoking script in demo block to define variables causes errors
* Owner:??? {{bug|37672}} GUI doesn't react to CTRL+C
* <strike> Owner:??? rik {{bug|37410}} image.m has a wrong check for linearly-spaced x and y</strike>
* <strike> Owner:jwe {{bug|31287}} Certain assignments of empty arrays give errors (Matlab incompatibility) </strike>
* Owner:??? {{bug|40256}} gnuplot - datetick doesn't remove previous X-grid, -ticks & labels


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