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Compiling on OpenBSD

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→‎Configuring and Compiling Octave: Add note about memory resource limitations
If building from a mercurial clone, the source tree must be bootstrapped before running configure. This requires the gnulib library to exist as a subdirectory of the Octave tree, or by passing <tt>--gnulib-srcdir</tt> to the bootstrap script. Some portability issues with gnulib on OpenBSD are currently being worked on, but once that is all worked out the version of gnulib mirrored in Octave's mercurial repository should work.
Before compiling, the process limit for data segment size needs to be increased to enable the compiler to handle certain files in Octave's code base. This is done with the ulimit command before starting the build. So, once configured as above, run
ulimit -d 8388608
gmake check
to compile Octave and run the test suite.


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